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Brigade Models new releases

Brigade Models have added several new releases to their online store. From their announcement:
OK, I'm a day or two late in announcing this, after all they've been there since Sunday night, but all of the new models we released at Salute are now available on the website. I'm not going to list everything here as there are something like 33 new models, 22 packs and 6 sheets of decals ! But a quick precis is in order -
  • Squadron Commander - two starter packs, 8 starfighters (individually and in blisters) and 6 sheets of decals
  • Land Ironclads Austro-Hungarians - five ironclads, two contraptions plus packs
  • 6mm Polish - 14 models, including the much-awaited half-tracks, plus army and company packs
  • Aeronef Austro-Hungarian and Italian fixed-wing planes - four models plus squadron packs
The Squadron Commander rules are available as a free download from the website, so please have a try and tell us what you think. Thanks to everyone who came to see us at Salute - we had another typically busy day. For those who weren't there, "Arbuthnot'sAeronautical League of Gentlemen" ran a superb Aeronef game that was positioned opposite us on the day. We'll be featuring a gallery page from the game on the website as soon as we can get hold of some decent shots, but in the meantime you should try and hunt down some photos of this stunning masterpiece.