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Brigade Models bring 6mm sci-fi Poles to Salute

Brigade Models' final pre-Salute update brings news of a 6mm sci-fi Polish army. From their announcement:
I've posted the last update to our Salute page ... it's another 6mm army, this time the Poles. These include the much-promised SF half track APCs and a new VTOL that's changed identity so many times it's developed a split personality . The photos are a bit ropey as I was rushing to get them out, but you should be able to hopefully make out the details. I'll replace them with better ones as soon as I get the chance. So, for those who are waiting to get any orders in for collection at the show, this is your last chance - you have until we leave for the workshop tomorrow evening (call it roughly 5pm BST Wednesday) to get them in. And don't forget you'll get 10% off if the order is £50 or over. As I type this, Salute opens its doors in less than 90 hours ... which is getting a bit scary, since we still have loads of work to do ...