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Brigade Games to represent JTFM at events

Brigade Games will be representing JTFM / Diewaffenkammer at HMGS East events in the US. From their announcement:
Just to let everyone know that we will be the official representative for JTFM / Diewaffenkammer 1/56th Vehicles at HMGS East conventions going forward (Historicon, Fall In and Cold Wars). If you have not seen these models you are in for a treat. We will have a really good stock of the models at Historicon in July in Valley Forge. I will be setting up a specific JTFM board in the forum as Jeff is a member here. He will be able to answer your questions about current and future product availability. By adding the JTFM range to our current offerings from CompanyB, Brigade Games and AGN, Brigade Games will be the only destination for vehicles for your WW2 28mm  (1/56th) gaming needs.