Brigade Games moving to new server

Brigade Games will be moving their online store to a new server.

From their announcement:

Sometime in the next few days the webstore will be moved to a new host with a faster connection and an upgrade in the underlying webstore software.

We may lose the site for a few hours on Tuesday or Wednesday while the transfer is redirected to the new host and the servers worldwide are updated.

We are making more than normal backups as this process moves forward.

As the current store is being upgrade so will be the 50 or so modules used to customize the design and functionality. We will not get them all in the store at once as it is physically impossible. So the store may look different during the transition as we get modules loaded and working with the upgrade.

My email will still work even if the store is down due to the move in case someone needs to get hold of me.

Once I announce here that the site has been transferred by all means if you have trouble with the store let me know so I can chase down any gremlins.