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Breaking: Dark Age New Beginning announcement, new edition of the rules are coming

Dark Age is going to have a new set of rules soon. This from their latest post from right after Adepticon.

From the announcement:

We here at Dark Age are proud to announce that very soon we will be releasing a brand new Core Rulebook!

It's all been leading to this, dear players, the culmination of over a year's worth of player feedback, play-testing, and rules revamps! We've looked over every aspect of our game,how it is played, what works, what doesn't work, and refined every element of it. Now, I don't want to worry any of you- we didn't rebuild the game- Oh no, we love our dark little world just the way it is- all we've done is go through each component of it and refined it to an art!

We've very proud of the changes we've made and believe this will escalate Dark Age in every way!

More than just new rules though, we've taken a look at our credence as a company, just how we wanted to function in regards to our player-base and our game as a whole