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Breachworld, a complete RPG, up on Kickstarter

Breachworld is a new RPG system built to handle anything you can throw at it. They're looking for funding over on Kickstarter.


From the campaign:

The core Breachworld RPG lays out the setting, with all of the historical context, world information, and game mechanics that you need to play. Included in the core RPG are:

13 Player Races. Be a native human or an alien trapped on Earth.
63 Feats. Manipulate the Aether to conjure, control, and destroy.
40 Perks. Customize your character with advantages.
27 Complications. Create pitfalls for more complex role-playing.
12 Breach Creatures. Animals, demons, and monsters from alien worlds.
3 mapped locations. Villages and towns to visit, save, or destroy.
A full compliment of weapons, armors, vehicles, and other essential gear.
A fully described world full of danger, opportunity, and adventure.
Anticipated page count of at least 150.