Brandlin taking pre-orders for Haft-Oob Stables

Brandlin is now taking pre-orders for his latest terrain kit.

Haft-Oob Stables

From their announcement:

The Haft-Oob Stables kit is today available for pre-order on eBay. Following the positive comments received from showing the prototype assembly and painted models, kits have been sent for cutting and will be available for shipping by the 12th July latest.

Rather than wait a couple of weeks and offer them for immediate dispatch I have bowed to requests and made the kit available to pre-order now. The kit is scaled to suit “heroic 28mm” figures, the stairs and landing will accept a 30mm diameter round lipped display base. Two such bases may be positioned on the landing area.

All of the elements of the Haft-Oob kit are compatible with the previously released Pryn-Gul tower and vice-versa. This allows a huge range of alternate buildings to be constructed in a similar architectural style.

In addition to this new building kit, another kit in the Building Components range is also available to pre-order. This time Clay / Concrete Roof Tiles with a curved edge (BCS-02). Again, available for shipping by 12th July at the latest.

Restocks of the first Building Components kit – Slates / Shingles (BCS-01) are also expected by 12th July.