Brandlin offering regular slate laser cut styrene roofing

Brandlin is now offering slate roofing made from laser cut styrene for scratchbuilders.

regular slates close up

From their announcement:

I’ve had lots of positive comments for the irregular fantasy shingles that I’ve started selling – and a number of people asked for some regular slates in the same material.

This pack of building components consists of two 0.5mm thick A4 laser cut sheets.

Each sheet includes strips of regular width slates which can be cut to length and overlapped up a model roof to create a realistic rustic slate or shingle roof effect. Suitable for terrain building in roughly 1:50 scale – suitable for 28mm miniatures.

36 strips of slates capable of covering a roof over 500 square cm. Each slate is 5mm in width (at 1:50 scale thats around 250mm or 10″ across ). The lower corners of each slate have a regular small chamfer. The rows of slates overlap by 5 mm up a roof giving a good glue area.

I am currently awaiting this product being cut by the laser cutter. It can be ordered now, and it will ship by 26th July.