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Brandlin now stocking laser cut slates and shingles

Brandlin is now stocking laser cut slates and shingles for terrain building and customization. Rustic shingles From their announcement:
Brandlin is now stocking laser cut roof tiles suitable for use on your scratch built 28mm buildings.  Cut from 0.5mm thick styrene the tiles come in strips enabling you to cover large roof areas quickly, working from the bottom up in overlapping layers. Spend less time cutting roof tiles from cereal packet card and more time building and painting your terrain. Three styles are in stock..
  • Rustic shingles (pictured above) - random widths and with an irregular edge, suitable for rustic shingled or ramshackle buildings.
  • Regular slate - fixed width with square edges, suitable for urban or more affluent well maintained buildings.
  • Curved edge - fixed width and a semi circular decorative lower edge, suitable for buildings with an air of affluence.
Brandlin accepts Paypal and ships anywhere in the world. The products are flat packed and ship in a4 envelopes keeping shipping costs low.