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Brand New Victoriana Victorian Policemen Collection

Wargames Foundry have released a Collection of Victorian Policemen as part of their Victoriana range of 28mm figures. Victorian Police From their announcement:
Evening all. Here are our latest Victoriana models. 'Ello, 'ello, 'ello. It's time to call in the Boys in Blue to take control of your crime-ridden Victorian streets, arrest evil Armed Ne'er Do Wells, or even catch speeding Cyclists. Our Bobbies are perfect for any Victorian setting including the Victorian Science Fantasy worlds of H G Wells and Jules Verne. This collection of Coppers includes; Police Constables, Armed Constables, Constables in Capes, Police Sergeants and Inspectors, Mounted Police and Police on Penny Farthings. There's also some Armed Ne'er Do Wells and speeding Cyclists for them to arrest.