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BPLaser latest releases now available

BPLaser has a series of new releases available in their webshop, including a landing pad, hover train and church.


From the release:

Adding to their Steampunk/ Fantasy range is a laser cut 28mm Church. The church has a footprint of 350mm x 250mm, with a height of 300mm. The church roof is removable to allow movement inside the building.

Adding to their 28mm Scifi range is a Rooftop landing Pad with a footprint of 150mm x 150mm, a Large Landing Pad with a footprint of 300mm x 300mm.

And of course the 28mm Maglev Train.
There are two Train kits on the website, one containing 151 parts of laser cut acrylic and mdf and includes: a Tender, 3 x Flatbeds and 1500mm of track,
The second contains 2 x Tenders, 2 x flatbeds and 1500mm of track, and comprises of 196 laser cut mdf and acrylic parts.

We have also added a Maglev Carriage to the store, to be used in conjunction with the Maglev train kits.

The Maglev train components,(Tender, Flatbeds, Carriages and track), are also available on the BPLASER website as single components.