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BP Laser, a new terrain-making company in Australia

BP Laser is a new terrain-making company making buildings and other such fun things out of laser-cut MDF. They're located in Australia, but if you ask nice, I'm sure they'll ship to you anywhere you want.

From the announcement:

BP Laser is a start-up Australian company bringing you quality laser cut terrain at an affordable price.

Our range includes 28mm buildings, walls and scatter terrain suitable for most SciFi tabletop games.

Our first 28mm SciFi, Steampunk / Western buildings are up and more are on the way.

We also have a range of 6mm and 10-15mm scenery under development.
Like us on Facebook for updates as our range grows.


Starting Friday 8th March, we will post you 5 kilos of terrain to anywhere in the world for half postage cost including insurance.