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Box Seat Baseball joins PT Games

PT Games has added Tom Downing, creator of Box Seat Baseball, and his game to their team. Expect an updated version of the game and more releases for it to be coming soon.

From the announcement:

We’re very excited to welcome Tom Downing and Box Seat Baseball to PT Games. With over 20 years into the game, we believe Tom has built one of the finest and most detailed baseball games on the market.
By joining PT Games, we hope to synergize the Box Seat Baseball game with PT Games ability to bring the title to a wider audience. We look to add a little PT Games polish to the game, and expand the reach, by adding a PDF version and new dual-purpose player cards.
Tom will still be very involved and in charge of his game. By bringing Box Seat Baseball to PT Games, this will free Tom to make more cardsets, and continue to do what he loves best. Making Box Seat Baseball the best baseball boardgame on the market.
Watch the forums and Box Seat Baseball pages for more information in the coming days.