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Bows & Arrows and Airplanes available from Scotia Grendel

Scotia Grendel has a bit of a mixed bag with these new releases. They've got some new fighter aircraft as well as some new releases for their "generic fantasy" range.


From the release:

This month we present five packs from our Generic Fantasy range and two packs from our 1/300 scale micro models range. So let's get started!

New 1/300 scale models
After little delay we now present to you two new models. First up is CAGS53 - Me 329, a prototype heavy fighter aircraft, first in our up-coming Wunderwaffe range. Second is CAUM17 - F-15 Eagle, American all-weather tactical fighter.

Generic Fantasy Range
Now let's take a look at new releases from our Generic Fantasy range. This month we have: GFR0035 - Southern Archer I, GFR0041 - Southern Archer II and GFR0042 - Southern Archer Command, all of them are available in GFRA2016 - Southern Archer Regiment. Also released are another two packs from the Men of the West: GFR0051 - Western Spearmen I and GFR0061 - Western Swordmen I.

This month we offer Issue 10 of "Battles with Miniatures" for download. This is the last published by I-kore studio. You will find many interesting articles like how to start collecting a army for Void, hobby tips, and much more. As always, the pdf is free to download, so enjoy reading.