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Boston Brawlcon registration is now open

The Boston Brawlcon is now accepting registration for their wargaming event. From their announcement:
That's right people this year we have gone to a con instead of just a indy GT. All of the registration will be done through webstore. New changes too the venue!!! We have upgraded too the Hudson Elks Lodge in Hudson, Mass. Their will be adult beverages for sale with proof of I.D as well as a small concession stand with burgers and such. The FOW is Regional Qualifier, as well as the 40K, and WHF are tickets too the Vegas GT. For further info contact us at
  • 40k Combat Patrol 400pts
  • Fantasy Warbands 500 pts
  • 40k 1850 pts
  • Fantasy 2000 pts
  • FOW 1500 pts
  • Warmachine 25pts Grindhouse rules
Registration is now open and available for purchase at in the shop section. You need too purchase a weekend pass with your order initially but this is only $20.00 and then events have separate costs. Friday July 1st
  • 4pm doors open
  • 4pm11pm open gamming on selected tables
  • 5pm10pm 400pts combat patrol and 500 pts warbands tournies will run
  • 5pm10pm Warmachine tourney (Details too follow)
  • 5pm10pm Early War FOW tourney
  • 7pm too 9pm sit down meet and greet with the special guests.
  • Awards for the night at 1030pm
  • 7am doors open
  • 7:30 table assignments begin for fantasy and 40k event.
  • 8:30am 40k and Fantasy Tournies begin
  • 5pm the 40k and fantasy end thier first day of three rounds 2 1/2 hours each with an hour break in between rounds.
  • 12pm FOW mid war Tourney begins
  • 9pm FOW mid war tourney ends Their will be breaks inbetween rounds
  • 12pm Warmachine hordes tourney starts ends at 9pm
  • Awards for the day at 930pm
  • Rogue Demon Judging will commence at 7pm with awards at 930pm. All entries must be turned in by 655pm none will be accepted afterwards.
  • 9am 40k and Fantasy day two begins and ends at 3pm.
  • 9am Late war FOW tourney begins and ends at 5pm.
  • 530pm awards for sunday will be handed out.
We will be looking for a limited number of volunteers this year, so if you are interested please email us at