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Bossk and ISB Infiltrators Previewed for Imperial Assault

It's two, two, two previews in one! Fantasy Flight gives us a look at a pair of Villain Packs for Imperial Assault with a preview of both Bossk and the ISB Infiltrators. These figure sets couldn't be much more different from one-another. On one hand, you've got a set of spies. On the other, you've got a Trandoshan with a big gun who isn't afraid to use it.

Both sets come with much more than just the plastic figures. There's new missions, gear, deployment cards, traits, and other such things. The ISB Agents are great at coordinating fire with their allies, allowing them to have another model take the shot for them if they're in a better position. Meanwhile, Bossk is just happy to cause big explosions. His Indiscriminate Fire rule lets you pick a square near him, then simply roll a die and have that effect hit everyone in that square, as well as everyone adjacent to it. Obviously, you don't want to clump up too much when he's around.

Both these sets are available for pre-order now.

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