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Book of Metal RPG Sourcebook Up On Kickstarter

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Heavy Metal and RPGs go back a very long way. I mean, Led Zeppelin sang about Lord of the Rings, after all. Then you've got Amon Amarth that sings about being the protectors of Valhalla. One of my favorite characters I've ever played was a bard and his "electric lute" (it had a pull-chord to start it like in FLCL). Well, the Book of Metal looks to bring Heavy Metal to the forefront of your game. It's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

What would you expect to find in a D&D book that was completely themed around Heavy Metal?

- The ability to play a viable front-line Bard who raises the dead and literally uses their instrument as a weapon? Check!

- How about the ability to play a rugged gunslinger with dark powers stemming from the Nine Hells themselves? Or a cybernetic killing machine? Or a no-(censored)-given warrior who summons forth valkyries to fight for him? Check, check and check!

- Using your own organs as fuel for your brutal arcane rituals? Check with a face-melting on top.

- Iconic Heavy Metal monsters to battle against? Check!

- A plethora of magic-items, which range from macabre curiosities to world-breaking relics? (censored) check to that!


This book comes with over 100 pages of Metal-themed material for players and GMs alike. For a sample and an idea of what to expect, take a look at the Disciple of Metal, an 11-level prestige class designed to put the B.A back in Bard.

The campaign is over its funding goal with still 13 days left to go.