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Bombshell Posts New Releases for Counterblast

Bombshell Miniatures has their latest releases for Counterblast up on their website. They've also got a sale running all month for the core rulebook for the game. You can get it at 20% off the regular price. Plus, you can get the free 1.1 rules addendum, which is basically the E&C for the game. There's also the Psionic Power Cards to check out. Lots going on for you to see.

From the announcement:

All this month the COUNTERBLAST Adventure Battle Game Core Rulebook is on sale for 20%! This book includes the Rulebook PDF. We have also discounted the Core Rulebook PDF to $5.99. Each of the five Faction Core Starter Sets are also 20% OFF. If you missed out on the Kickstarter project, now is the best time to jump in and try out COUNTERBLAST!

March marks one year since we funded the initial Kickstarter project to produce the COUNTERBLAST Adventure Battle Game. What better way to celebrate this month than to release a whole slew of COUNTERBLAST related things! We have released the Addendum 1.1 rules supplement as a FREE downloadable PDF file. All of the free Statcard PDF files have been updated, plus we have released Dr. Zardov and the Robot Menace set.