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Bombshell Games previews new art and greens for Dark Alliance

Bombshell Games has some new preview greens as well as concept artwork up for Dark Alliance.

From the preview:

As some of you know, I’ve been working with with Steven Salotti of Microworld Games to create MAYHEM army lists for his 6mm fantasy line. What you probably don’t know is that this includes rules for both lines and miniatures not yet released. Intriguing- right? Well, Steve has been kind enough to let me give you a little peek at some of the concepts and greens for the upcoming Dark Alliance army. Behold!

One of the advantages of creating lists for a specific line of miniatures is that, due to finite options, you can add more ‘army specific’ rules to give each force resulting in more character, uniqueness, and varied play styles. darkalliance-warbeast-mayhem-green1Scale plays into this equation as well, and developing for the Microworld 6mm fantasy line means getting to focus on some of the large epic creatures and combats that just don't happen at larger scales. Stay tuned for more images and information.