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Bombshell Games posts expanded content for Mayhem

Bombshell Games has added some extended content to the base game for Mayhem, putting it in the main rulebook as opposed to waiting for an expansion.


From the announcement:

MAYHEM has been expanded... but not like you might think! The material that was originally going to be released in a separate expansion has been integrated into the original documents. There are a few reasons for this, but in the end it means one thing. Players that already own the game get the new material completely FREE of charge! Just return to Wargame Vault and download the updated files.

So, what's new in the expanded version? Here are a few highlights:

-There is a completely new characteristic added to the base unit profile.
- New unit designations are now available including fast cavalry, hordes, and swarms.
- Rules for war machines, artillery, direct and indirect fire
-Build restrictions lifted on behemoths
-Magic rules in the form of sorcery are present and include spells like blink, magic missile, summon, and time stop.

That's just a sample of what's inside. Download your updated copy today to check it all out!