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Bolt Action WWI French Saint-Chamond tank Now Available

Warlord Games goes back to WWI with this release. Tanks were still a very new thing at the time and arms designers hadn't quite worked out all the designs yet. With that, we have the Saint-Chamond tank, now available for your Bolt Action games.


From the release:

Following the success of the World War I tanks released late last year, our modellers have been hard at work – and we’re proud to follow-up this week with the release of the French St-Chamond Tank! With much of WWI involving French troops we couldn’t really let the British and Germans have all the glory…

The Saint-Chamond came into production in April 1917, with 400 being produced. With a crew of 8, it weighed-in at 23 tonnes and with a top speed of 12km/h and the 75mm Mle 1897 installed as the main armament – it remained in service through until the late Summer of 1918. Once the fighting had moved from the trenches to open ground, the Saint-Chamond became increasingly effective – and the core chassis was continually up-gunned and up-armoured through the war.