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Bolt Action Wasp is back

Warlord Games have re-released the 1:56 scale Bolt Action WWII Wasp vehicle kit. Wasp From their announcement:
You'll know that since we've brought our resin-making in-house we've been rereleasing our 28mm WWII vehicles gradually. We've been taking the opportunity to remaster, remould and otherwise enhance many of the vehicles. One vehicle we've been asked to bring back sooner rather than later is the flame-throwing version of the Universal Carrier, the Wasp. This deadly little vehicle is now available to buy from our webstore again (or by post, at shows, in person or the good old telephone...). You can check out all the vehicles we've re-released on our webstore and you can be sure there are many more to be re-released as well as plenty of entirely new models on the way...