Bolt Action – Warplanes rules posted

Warlord Games has posted up some refined rules for using aircraft in Bolt Action. Better stock up on some of those AA guns they’ve been promoting lately.

Warplane Attack


From the update:

The following rules for Warplanes were part of the original draft of the Bolt Action rulebook, but in the end they did not make the cut and they were simplified and made more abstract, giving birth to the current rules for air strikes. We think however that these Warplanes rules make a good read for your coffee break – World War Two planes carried an unbelievable amount of firepower!

Feel free to have a go at playing Bolt Action with these Warplanes rules replacing the Forward Air Observer rules. In terms of army selection, instead of including an Air Observer, each Platoon can include a Warplane chosen from the appropriate list at the end of this article. We have a selection of Warplanes available in our webstore which we use to represent the actual plane during game play.