Bolt Action Waffen SS Tank Hunters

Warlord Games are now accepting orders for their Bolt Action Waffen SS Tank Hunters.

From their announcement:

With the Waffen-SS boxed set, HMG teams and Pak40 now released on an unsuspecting world it’s time to show you a glimpse of things to come.

As you can see our Waffen-SS Tank Hunters are prepared to take down any Allied armour which might come their way. Armed with both a Panzerfaust (“tank fist”) and Panzershreck (“tank terror”), these hard-bitten veteran troops can use their mobility, stealth, and high explosives to out maneouvre and destroy both obstacles and vehicles which make their way into their sights.

As you’d expect from us here at Warlord there’s also a surprise in this range – a variant with a panzerfaust in the middle of the firing sequence.

All of these fantastic miniatures will be available soon, just in time to coincide with the launch of our plastic German Infantry, all available to order on our website.