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Bolt Action Panzer IV ausf H back in action

Warlord Games have new stock of their 1:56 scale Bolt Action Panzer IV ausf H vehicle kit. Panzer IV ausf H From their announcement:
One of the most popular vehicles in our Bolt Action 28mm WWII German range is this cracking resin model of the Pz.Kpfw IV aush mit schurzen. Whilst the big cats such as the Tigers and Panthers stole the glory late in the war it was the Pz IV that was the backbone of the German army's panzer force. This kit represents the late war ausf H variant with it's armoured side skirts (schurzen) and with zimmerit anti-magnetic mine paste applied to hull and turret. Commander and driver hatches can be left open to take crew models (more on that soon...) or 'buttoned up'. This is one of the vehicles in high demand so don't miss out - place your order now. In doing so you can take advantage of our free worldwide shipping offer which lasts all through the month of May.