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Bolt Action Jeep and Tetrarch re-released

Warlord Games have re-released the Bolt Action 1:56 scale Jeep and Tetrarch.

From their announcement:
This week's Bolt Action vehicles to be back on active duty are the famous Willys Jeep with pintle-mounted .30 Cal MG and the British Tetrarch light tank.

The Jeep was used by all Allied armies and to reflect this we also have British and Soviet drivers in addition to the Americans.

The Tetrarch was the world's first air-landed tank and added more durability and firepower to the lightly equipped airborne forces. With 3 barrels in the pack (2 pounder, 3" howitzer and 2 pounder with Littlejohn adaptor) this little beauty is just what your brave Red Devils have been waiting for...

We'll have more Bolt Action vehicles back on the frontline over the coming weeks as well as plenty of all new models too!