Bolt Action Japanese miniature deal

Warlord Games have added a Bolt Action Japanese miniature deal to their online store.

Painted Japanese figures

From their announcement:

With the new Bolt Action Imperial Japanese Army boxed set being released in a week or so many of you have asked if we’ll put together a deal so you can build a large IJA army quickly and cost effectively. Well, we couldn’t say no, could we?

This offer provides you with 3 of our Imperial Japanese Boxed Sets (60 metal miniatures) for £70, saving you £5 on buying them separately.

Featuring the Warlord Games Figure Head System there is a lot of scope for variety and modeling in each box. We’ve also included a beautiful sheet of full colour flags and devotional banners to adorn the soldiers of the Emperor.

Each box set contains the following:

  • Command Section
  • MMG section
  • Knee Mortar
  • Rifleman Squad
  • Sheet of devotional rifle banners and full colour flags