Bolt Action German Infantry Support packs released

Warlord Games have released 28mm Bolt Action German Infantry Support packs.

From their announcement:

To help support your brand new plastic German infantry on the battlefield we’re bringing you fresh troops in the in the form of a 75mm Pak 40 anti-tank gun, Panzerschreck tank-hunter team and a flamethrower. For the Fatherland.

This kit does a spectacular job of integrating the crew and gun to form an action packed diorama. You can practically hear the thud of the round being fired and the commands of the rangefinder as he sights the gun on it’s unfortunate target…

Feast your eyes on this fantastic new German Flamethrower model – the detailed fuel cells and gout of deadly flame will be a joy to paint. But not so much of a joy for your opponent’s troops and open topped vehicles.

If the flames aren’t your taste (what’s wrong with you) simply snip them off and you’ll have a Flammenwerfer ready to unload it’s deadly payload…

Once you’ve taken care of any light vehicles, this Panzerschreck team will finish the job. These have been sculpted in such a way to reflect the Panzerschreck Team rushing to set up a new ambush site.

These figures are available to order now on our website.