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Bolt Action German figure heads now available separately

Warlord Games are now selling their Bolt Action WWII German heads separately. Waffen SS heads From their announcement:
We’ve received a startling number of requests to make the Figure Heads from our Waffen-SS range available separately. Our Bolt Action Figure Head system (heads are separate from the body allowing you to mix and match) allows a great deal of posing and variety within your force as well as loads of conversion opportunities. This range of heads comes in sprues of four similarly attired heads:
  • Officers in peaked caps
  • Soldiers in sidecaps
  • 3 different sprues of camo-covered helmets
  • Plain steel helmeted heads
  • Heads in field caps
  • Soldiers wearing steel helmets covered in foliage
  • Bareheaded/wounded heads
  • Soldiers wearing helmets with wire or net covering
You can pick these Figure Heads up separately or as sprue multipacks on our webstore. So, whether you’re looking for even more variety in your SS army, want to use them in your Heer force or are looking for a specific head for your tank crew we’re delighted to fulfil your wishes.