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Bolt Action German Army 5cm granatenwerfer team from Warlord Games

Warlord Games gives your Germans a little punch with their 5cm granatenwerfer team (it's a small grenade-launcher/mortar type thing).

From the update:

Adding extra punch to your early and mid-war German forces is this 5cm Granatenwerfer team

The 5cm Model 36 Granatenwerfer entered service in 1936 with the purpose of being able to engage pockets of enemy resistance beyond the range of manually thrown grenades.

Due to it’s complicated telescopic sights and limited range the Model 36 was gradually withdrawn from frontline service by 1942 and saw out the rest of the war in garrison and rear units. Despite it’s limitations as the war progressed and technological advances raced on, the Model 36 saw to see extensive service during the early stages of WWII in the Blitzkrieg assaults on Poland, France and the Low Countries as well as on the Eastern Front and the North African desert.