Bolt Action Fallschirmjager Support Packs available

Warlord Games now have support packs for their 28mm Bolt Action Fallschirmjager figures.

From their announcement:

The Fallschirmjager (German Airborne troops) performed the first airborne invasion when they assaulted Denmark on the 9 April 1940. They followed this success up with further successful air landings of Norway and the pyrrhic victory of Operation Mercury in taking Crete.

Ensure your German troops are well equipped with Warlord Games’ range of support packs, including the 81mm mortar and MG 42.

As the old adage goes “Soldiers find things…”. True to form, the Bolt Action Fallschirmjager with Looted Weapons have…ahem…liberated some arms from their defeated enemies.

All of these support packs are now available to order from the Warlord Games Webstore, or on the shelves of your nearest quality independent games store.