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Bolt Action Chindits Box Set and Support available

Warlord Games have posted photos and details of their Bolt Action Chindits Box Set and Support figures.

From their announcement:
Orde Wingate’s tough jungle fighters are now here. Taking the fight behind enemy lines and in some of the world’s most inhospitable terrain these chaps are the epitome of British doggedness.

The Chindits box set contains:
  • Command: Officer with Thompson SMG, Sergeant with M1 Carbine, Medic and radio operator. 2-man 2" mortar team.

  • 10-man Section: 2x NCO with M1 carbine, 2-man Bren Gun team, 6 Chindits with Lee Enfield rifles.

  • 2 Burmese scouts

  • Mule and handler

  • Random wounded Chindit

Also available are the Chindits Vickers HMG team and some splendid character models, including Maj. General Wingate himself.

All of these figures are now available to order from our website, or from your local FLGS