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Bolt Action British Airborne Jeeps are back

Warlord Games have rereleased the Bolt Action WWII British Airborne Jeeps. British Airborne Jeep From their announcement:
We've lost track of the number of requests you've made for us to make our resin and metal British Airborne Jeeps available again. Ask no more - they're back and better than ever. Having had their masters updated these great little vehicle are ready to hit the front line and give your brave Red Devils mobility, pulling power for their 6 pdrs and pack howitzers and also equip Freddie Gough's Recce squadrons... There are two different hulls and loads of metal extras which allow you to make your Jeeps into any of the following variants: standard issue Airborne Jeep, Recce squadron Jeep or Signals Jeep. Now, where did I put that hunting horn...