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Bolt Action: Assault on Normandy starter game open for pre-orders from Warlord Games

Warlord Games has started taking down names of those that want their upcoming Assault on Normandy box set for Bolt Action. Be the first gamer on your block with this when it's released.

From the website:

Assault on Normandy is our new Bolt Action starter set and is now available to pre-order. Containing everything you need to get started with Bolt Action and at a great price it’s the perfect route into World War II gaming at a man’s scale.

Bolt?Action: Assault on Normandy gives you everything you need to pit your tactics and wits against your opponent as you recreate the great battles of World War II on the tabletop! In addition to the glorious Bolt Action rulebook and eight?Orders Dice, you will find forty hard plastic, multi-pose 28mm miniatures as well as terrain for them to fight over. This is a great starting point as you seek to defeat your foes and bring an end to the greatest conflict in history.