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Bolt Action Aerosan now available

Warlord Games are now selling copies of their 1:56 scale Bolt Action Soviet Aerosan vehicle kit. 1:56 scale WWII Soviet Aerosa From their announcement:
Who wouldn’t want a propeller driven, machine gun-armed snowmobile in their Soviet army? Lucky for you our new Aerosan is here then. The GAZ-98 was developed in 1942 and is powered by a GAZ-M1 truck engine and is armed with a drum-fed Light Machine Gun. Our model is made from resin and metal. The crew use our Figure Heads System so you can swap them with each other for more variation or you could even use other Figure Heads to create your own unique model – combining them with our Commando heads would make a great Special Ops vehicle for pulp gaming, To ensure a lifetime on the tabletop the skis are molded onto the base, protecting them from mishaps. The pics above show the master model – the base has been modelled to look like snowy ground (and not the beach).