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Bob Naismith on Abyssal Dwarfs

Mantic Games have posted some comments from sculptor Bob Naismith on the Abyssal Dwarf miniatures he is creating for them. From their announcement:
Well, using our tried and tester method of pinning down people to do stuff for us, we locked Bob Naismith, the sculptor of our rather evil new Abyssal Dwarfs, in a rather spiky box and politely asked him to write some words on the new miniatures. Note: No weapons were used in the making of this blog post. “Fun fun fun! Working with Mantic has always been fun – and things just got better – when Ronnie suggested that we might create a range of Abyssal Dwarfs based on our existing Dwarf models my mind started to float away to a land of blood red skies, sulphurous smoke filled valleys and lightning blasted ruins atop black black mountain shards…… oooh I’m going off on one again… Read more on the Mantic Blog.