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BoardGameGeek to Join Essen and Gen Con Geek Nation Tours

Geek Nation Tours is happy to announced that for not just one, but for two tours, they'll be joined by BoardGameGeek. Well, some of the people behind BGG, not like, you know, the whole website in some sort of personified form (like Tron or something, but in the real world). That would be pretty sweet, actually, too. But let's keep computer science-fiction out of this. Anyway, for their Essen and Gen Con tours, there will be a chance to hang out with the crew while on the tour.

From the update:

Geek Nation Tours is proud to announce that the BoardGameGeek crew will be joining us for dinner, gaming and a beverage or two on not only our Essen but also on our Gen Con Tours! Here is a time to visit them, find out how BoardGameGeek works and maybe even give them a thank you for the awesomeness that is BoardGameGeek…

Thank you again!