Boarders Tabletop Game Studios In Stolen Games Case

Kickstarter is a risky business. Even companies that are well-known can potentially have all sorts of things go wrong and backers are left without product to show for their pledge. Well, backers of various projects that were being fulfilled by Boarders Tabletop Game Studio had been finding out that their games were going missing. Now, the authorities are being involved.

From the article on Board Game Prices:

Singapore and Malaysia based company Boarders Tabletop Game Studio has been the principal Southeast Asian distributor for several major board game Kickstarter projects, including Anachrony and Gloomhaven. In recent years, the company had provided a service where it would make group pledges for Kickstarter projects, helping its customers save money on shipping costs.

Gamers who took Boarders up on this service include Malaysians like Gareth Tan, who had pledged for several projects through Boarders to the tune of $1,000, and Daniel Quek who had bought around $2,000 worth of games with them.