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Board to Death Launches Street Kings Kickstarter

Get behind the wheel of your souped-up sportscar and go tearing around the streets in Street Kings, the new board game from Board to Death that's up on Kickstarter now. But you don't get the best stuff right away. You've gotta win some races, get some cash, and upgrade your car and crew a couple times first. And, of course, those beautiful cars don't want to just sit in a garage between races. You can also send your car to get drooled over (just hopefully not on the chrome) at the local car shows.

The main game comes with:

1 Game Board
4 Player Boards
Finish Line Tokens
4 Trophies
1st Player Marker
50 Upgrade and Crew Cards
24 Location Cards
10 Starter Cars
30 Custom Cars
4 Car Pawns
20 Wooden Cubes to Track Upgrades and Credits

The campaign just launched and should be running for another 31 days.