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Board Game Quests reviews a barroom blitz

Board Game Quest posted up their review of 7-Card Slugfest over on their site.
Makes me want to play Beer Money.


From the review:

Whenever I visited my grandfather during the winter, there was one thing we always did, watch a western movie. He was a big John Wayne fan and subjected me to most, if not all, of his films. It’s not something I regretted doing, in fact, it made me explore the genre more and find my own favorite, Clint Eastwood. Through my journey of old westerns, I noticed a common scene, the bar fight. The saloon was always a place where a quick insult or if empty bottle was thrown would typically create an all out brawl between patrons. If you can imagine that scene, then you have a good idea what the game 7-Card Slugfest is all about. In this game, players are trying to deliver the knockout blow to their opponents in seven bars around the world. But just like in a bar-room brawl, every fight in this game happens simultaneously and with plenty of chaos. Is this game a knockout or will it just leave you with a black eye? Read on.

7-Card Slugfest is a simultaneous card playing game that plays in about 30 minutes. The game is for 3-8 players but plays best with 3-6 players.