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Board Game Quests posts expected GenCon 2014 game releases

Board Game Quest has posted up a list of gaming companies coming to GenCon and what new releases they expect to have.
Many of the spots aren't filled in yet, but will hopefully be so as the months progress towards the show.



From the post:

Everyone knows that if you want to find the biggest game releases of the year, you have to head over to the annual Essen Speil in Germany. But for those of us that can’t afford to jetset across the world, then the annual Gen Con game convention is one of the biggest game conventions in the U.S. Every year, 40,000+ games head to Indianapolis to devour booth food and hours of gaming. Smart publishers have learned to take advantage of this die hard crowd and almost always have a new game or two to release at the convention.

In order to prepare you for the con, I’ve decided to do some leg work for you again. I’ve contacted many of the game publishers that will be exhibiting at Gen Con this year to find out what their new releases are. Many already know what they will be doing, but others are only now just figuring it out. With that in mind, I will be updating this page all summer long as the convention approaches. So be sure to check back often to keep up on what’s debuting at the con. You can also follow us on twitter and will announce there when we’ve updated this page with new information.