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Board Game Quest reviews oddball Aeronauts

Board Game Quest gives us their thoughts on the maverick:muse card game, oddball Aeronauts, in this new review piece.


From the article:

The game War is a card game most of us have played. Sadly, the game does not have much going for it in the strategy department and its only redeeming quality is that it can be played almost anywhere because you don’t need a table for it. If only there was a game that would take advantage of the location flexibility trait, yet not put you into a lethargic state while playing it (oddball Aeronauts from maverick:muse games, that’s your cue). Today, we will be looking at a successful Kickstarter project that puts two players in command of dueling airships in a unique steampunk universe. Is this battle card game worth your investment? Read on.

oddball Aeronauts is a light strategy card game for two players and plays in 15-20 minutes.