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Board Game Quest reviews Mound Builders

Board Game Quest takes a look at Mound Builders in this new review article.



From the website:

The band Three Dog Night wrote and performed a song called One is the Loneliest Number. There has never been a more wrong song in the world. I thought of this when I was asked to review a solitary game. You mean, I don’t have to coordinate schedules and then I might play a game that I don’t want for the sake of someone else. I can instead play a game of my choice, where, and when I want. I might be alone when playing Mound Builders but I’m not lonely.

With this in mind, we look at the historical civilization game, Mound Builders, by Victory Point Games. The player takes on the role of expanding and defending a pre-Columbian Indian “mound builder” empire. You’re also trying to survive against the Spanish and outlast their invasion and small-pox. Can this solitaire civilization game keep your interest or will you give up and clamor back to your friends for company? Read on!

Mound Builders is a historical civilization game for 1 player that plays in about 40 minutes. Mound Builders is a solitaire game.