Board Game Quest reviews Cube Quest

Board Game Quest has a new game review up. This time it’s Cube Quest.



From the review:

I have a confession to make; I have a dexterity game problem. When I see a game that has some sort of physical element that allows me to flick, flip, throw, or hit something I instantly want to play it. I blame my kids for this evolution in my gaming interest. With two kids under four, just about any activity we do together ends up devolving into one of the actions listed above. That leads us to the game we will be looking at today, Cube Quest. In this game, players will take control of two rival kingdom’s armies looking to destroy their opponent’s king. Players will attempt to do this by flicking their collection of plastic cubes at their rivals. Is this game as good as the other dexterity games in my collection? Read on.

Cube Quest is a two player combat dexterity game that can be played in less than fifteen minutes.