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Board Game Quest posts Trieste Review

Board Game Quest takes a look at the 3-player Trieste card game in this review article.


From the review:

When it comes to board gaming, 3 players can sometimes be the ugly duckling of gaming. With a couple of exceptions, games involving direct conflict are usually a disaster with only 3 players. Invariably, one player ends up being the target of the other two, making for a miserable experience for the player on the receiving end. Usually, when you have only three players, you are better off just reaching for a non-confrontational euro game.

Well the new card game Trieste, from Victory Point Games, seeks to solve that aforementioned problem. Trieste is a card game for exactly three players where each player takes one of three unique roles as they vie for control of this coastal city. Does Trieste really solve the 3 player problem with conflict games? Let’s find out!

Trieste is a quick playing, unique role card game that plays in about 20 minutes. You can only play Trieste with 3 players.