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Board Game Quest posts Shadowrun: Crossfire Review

Board Game Quest plugs into the net and gives us their review of Shadowrun: Crossfire.



From the post:

You’ve entered the gritty, cyberpunk fantasy world of Shadowrun. It’s a world filled with danger from the most unlikely sources: ultra-violent gangers, flesh-eating ghouls, backstabbing corporate raiders, and even dragons. You and your teammates are a group of runners. You spend your time slinging spells, hacking the matrix, taking that hard sniper shot and talking your way out of any situation. At the end of it all, your goal is to accomplish the mission and get paid.

Does it sound like fun? I hope so because that’s the theme of today’s review of Shadowrun: Crossfire by Catalyst Game Labs. Set in their fantastic Shadowrun universe, this cooperative card game for 2-4 players will have your and your fellow players working as a well-oiled team of runners…for flat lining in the mud if the mission goes south. What’s it like to spend time in this game of hard obstacles and character advancement? Let’s find out!

Shadowrun: Crossfire is a cooperative deck building game for 2-4 players that plays in about 45 minutes. Shadowrun: Crossfire plays best with 4 players.