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Board Game Quest posts oddball Aeronauts 2: Double the Trouble Preview

Board Game Quest goes in for another, with a preview of oddball Aeronauts 2: Double the Trouble, in this preview article.


From the post:

We recently posted a review of oddball Aeronauts. This was a successful Kickstarter campaign that brought us a strategy game that can be played without a table. I enjoyed the game a lot and think it makes a great travel game. The people over at maverick:muse were not done with this game however, and currently have a Kickstarter running for oddball Aeronauts 2: Double the Trouble. This standalone game adds two new factions to the battle and gives people the opportunity to play the game with up to four players (if they have the first edition). I’m not going to go into detail about how the base game plays, for more on that please see my full review of the first game. Let’s get into the preview to talk about these new decks and new game play.