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Board Game Quest posts Meteor Preview

Board Game Quest takes a look at Meteor, from Mayday Games, and gives us their thoughts on this new game in this new article.



From the article:

The first time I was introduced to a real time mechanic in a board game was when I played Space Alert. Despite the group being awful at the game our first few times through, I was enamored with the mechanic. I loved how you could get a full experience of a game in ten minutes without the slowdown that occurred while players decided what they were going to do on their turn.

Today we will be examining Meteor, a real-time cooperative game that has already reached funding on Kickstarter. In Meteor, players work together to build rockets to destroy incoming meteors that are hurling towards Earth to destroy humanity…in just five minutes! Let’s get into the preview to see if this is a game that you would like to add to your collection.