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Board Game Quest posts Kingsburg Review

Board Game Quest takes a look at Kingsburg, from Fantasy Flight Games, and gives us their thoughts on the subject (of subjects).


From the review:

I can’t imagine it was easy to be a territorial governor in the Middle Ages. Imagine dealing with all the issues they had to deal with; like the demands of your King, keeping the peasants happy and placing dice to influence the King’s advisors. Maybe that last one didn’t exist in the real world, but it does in Kingsburg.

Kingsburg is a dice rolling and worker placement game where players are attempting to earn the favor of the king. Players will have to work quickly to change their lands into booming medieval villages to earn victory points to win the game. In order to do this, players will have to influence the king’s advisors to give you commodities, defensive protection, or victory points. Kingsburg isn’t a new game, as it was released by Fantasy Flight in 2007; however, it still has one of the unique uses of dice I have seen in a game. Does that mechanic lead to a solid game? Read on to find out.

Kingsburg is a two to five player game that plays in about 90 minutes. In my experience, the game plays best with four or five players.