Board Game Quest posts Interview with Game Designer/Publisher Ignacy Trzewiczek

Board Game Quest sat down with game designer and publisher Ignacy Trzewiczek. Go see what they had to talk about.



From the post:

I recently had a chance to chat a bit with board game designer and publisher, Ignacy Trzewiczek. Despite beating out even Corey Konieczka for having one of the hardest names to pronounce, Ignacy is fairly well known around the board game world. He founded Portal Games (Neuroshima Hex, Stronghold, Robinson Crusoe), has been designing table top games for over a decade, and even writes a blog about game design (Board Games that Tell Stories) that was recently published into a book. So I used my limited time I had to ask Ignacy about game design, being a publisher and what’s new on the horizon for Portal Games. I hope you find his answers as interesting as I did.